Study with us (student and postdoctoral positions)

We welcome students and postdoctoral researchers from within Japan and abroad. Japanese government offers various scholarships and education programs to students.

Please contact us at biju@es(dot)hokudai(dot)ac(dot)jp

For students

(i) As a Master Course or a PhD Course student in the Graduate school of environmental science, Hokkaido university.

(ii) As a research student of RIES and then a graduate student.

Japanese government offers various scholarships.

For more details, please go to

Study Japan (Web page of the Japanese government)

Gateway to study in Japan (Web page of JASSO), etc.

For Embassy recommended MEXT Scholarships, visit the homepage of Japanese embassy in your country.

For postdoctoral placements

Although there isn’t any project-based postdoctoral position available, an application for a postdoctoral fellowships can be submitted to JSPS.