Vasdevan P. BIJU, PhD, FRSC


Professor, Hokkaido University (2/2016~)

Associate Editor, NPG Asia Materials, (1/2015~Nature)

Associate Editor, J. Photochem. Photobiol. C: Photochem. Rev. (3/2012~3/2018, Elsevier)

Founding Editor: Nano Reviews and Experiments (2010~2015, Taylor and Francis)

Visiting Professor, Nagoya University, Japan (4/2015~3/2020)

Visiting Professor, Mahatma Gandhi University (9/2017~)

Senior Scientist, AIST, Japan (4/2010~1/2016)

Research Scientist, AIST, Japan (8/2004~3/2010)

PRESTO Researcher, Japan Science & Technology Agency (10/2010 to 3/2014)

Guest Lecturer, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan (4/2013 to 12/2015)

Guest Lecturer, the University of Tokushima, Japan (4/2012 to 3/2016)

Adjunct Professor, Southern University, USA (4/2012 to 3/2015)

Visiting Scientist, the University of Texas at Austin, USA (7/2007 to 8/2007)

Visiting Professor, Kerala University, India (5/2007 to 3/2012)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA (5/2003 to 7/2004)

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, AIST, Japan (3/2002 to 5/2003)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Joint Research Center for Atom Technology, Japan (4/2000 to 3/2002)

Intelligent Officer, Central Intelligence Bureau (IB), Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, India (1995)


PhD (Chemistry), Kerala University, India (2/2000)

Senior Research Fellow, Regional Research Laboratory, India (12/1997~4/2000)

Junior Research Fellow (JRF-NET), Regional Research Laboratory, India (12/1995~12/1997)

MSc (Chemistry), Calicut University, India (6/1995)

BSc (Chemistry), Kerala University, India (6/1993)

Selected Publications

Slipping‐Free Halide Perovskite Supercrystals from Supramolecularly‐Assembled Nanocrystals
T. Okamoto, V. Biju
Small 2023, 2303496.

Halide Perovskite Single Crystals and Nanocrystal Films as Electron Donor-Acceptor Heterojunctions
M. Shahjahan, T. Okamoto, L. Chouhan, B. M. Sachith, N. Pradhan, H. Misawa, V. Biju
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, 10.1002/ange.202215947 (Featured on the cover).

Recent progress in the development of high-efficiency inverted perovskite solar cells
S. Liu, V. Biju, Y. Qi, W. Chen, Z. Liu
NPG Asia Mater. 2023,15, 27.

Luminescent quantum dots: Synthesis, optical properties, bioimaging and toxicity
J. Sobhanan, J. V. Rival, A. Anas, E. S. Shibu, Y. Takano, V. Biju
Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev. 2023, 197, 114830.

Luminescent quantum dots: Synthesis, optical properties, bioimaging and toxicity
J. Sobhanan, J. V. Rival, A. Anas, E. S. Shibu, Y. Takano, V. Biju
Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev. 2023, 197, 114830.

Photoinduced interfacial electron transfer from perovskite quantum dots to molecular acceptors for solar cells; B. M. Sachith, Z. Zhang, P. Subramanyam, C. Subrahmanyam, A. Furube, N. Tamai, T. Okamoto, H. Misawa. V. Biju
ACS Nano 2022, 16, 160-168 (Featured on the cover).

Halide Perovskite Single Crystals and Nanocrystal Films as Electron Donor-Acceptor Heterojunctions
Z. Zhang, S. Ghimire, T. Okamoto, B. M. Sachith, J. Sobhanan, C. Subrahmanyam, V. Biju
Nanoscale 2023, 15, 7695-7702 (Featured on the cover).

Photoexfoliation Synthesis of 2D Materials
P. Kumar, A. Dey, J. Roques, L. Assaud, S. Franger, P. Parida, V. Biju
ACS Mater. Lett. 2022, 4, 263-270 (Featured on the cover).

Emerging Materials for Plasmon-Assisted Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
P. Subramanyam, H. Misawa, V. Biju, C. Subrahmanyam
J. Photochem. Photobiol. C: Photochem. Rev. 2022, 48, 100452.

Multimodal CTC Detection using Sem Cell Antigen-Specific Immunosilica Particles and  Immunofluorescent Quantum Dots
J. Sobhanan, Y. Takano, S. Sugino, E. Hirata, S. Yamamura, V. Biju
NPG Asia Mater. 2022,14, 1-8.

Long-Range Interfacial Charge Carrier Trapping in Halide Perovskite-C60 and Halide Perovskite-TiO2 Donor–Acceptor Films
B. M. Sachith, T. Okamoto, S. Ghimire, T. Umeyama, Y. Takano, H. Imahori, V. Biju
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021, 12, 8644-8651 (Featured on the cover).

Advances in Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
A. Anas, J. Sobhanan, K. M. Sulfiya, C. Jasmin, P. K. Sreelakshmi, V. Biju
J. Photochem. Photobiol. C: Photochem. Rev. 2021, 49, 100452.

State of the Art and Prospects for Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
A. Dey, J. Ye, A. De, E. Debroye, S. K. Ha, E. Bladt, A. S. Kshirsagar, Z. Wang, J. Yin, Y. Wang, et al.
ACS Nano 2021, 13, doi/10.1021/acsnano.0c08903

Shape-Dependent Kinetics of Halide Vacancy Filling in Organolead Halide Perovskites
T. Okamoto, M. Shahjahan, V. Biju
Adv. Opt. Mater. 2021, 2100355 (Featured on the cover).

Real-Time Blinking Suppression of Perovskite Quantum Dots by Halide Vacancy Filling
L. Chouhan, S. Ito, E. M. Thomas, Y. Takano, S. Ghimire, H. Miyasaka, V. Biju
ACS Nano 2021, 15, (Featured on the cover).

Molecular Recognition in the Infection, Replication, and Transmission of COVID-19-Causing SARS-CoV-2: An Emerging Interface of Infectious Disease, Biological Chemistry, and Nanoscience
P. Kumar, J. Sobhanan, Y. Takano,  V. Biju
NPG Asia Mater. 2021, 13, 14, 

Halide Perovskites: Heterojunction Perovskite Microrods Prepared by Remote‐Controlled Vacancy Filling and Halide Exchange
Md. Shahjahan, K. Yuyama, T. Okamoto, V. Biju
Adv. Mater. Technol. 2021, 6, 2000934, DOI: 10.1002/advmt.202000934 (Featured on the cover).

Toxicity of Nanomaterials Due to Photochemical Degradation and the Release of Heavy Metal Ions
J. Sobhanan, P. Jones, R. Kohara, S. Sugino, M. Vacha, Ch. Subrahmanyam, Y. Takano, F. Lacy, V. Biju.
Nanoscale 2020, 12, DOI: 10.1039/D0NR03957H (Featured on the cover).

Synthesis, Optoelectronic Properties, and Applications of Halide Perovskites
L. Chouhan, S. Ghimire, C. Subrahmanyam, T. Miyasaka, V. Biju
Chem. Soc. Rev. 2020, 49, 2869-2885 (Featured on the cover).

Remote Tuning of Bandgap and Emission of Lead Perovskites by Spatially Controlled Halide Exchange Reactions
J. Islam,M. Shahjahan, K. Yuyama, V. Biju
ACS Mater. Lett. 2020, 2, 424-428 (Featured on the cover).

Blinking Beats Bleaching: the Control of Superoxide Generation by Photo‐ionized Perovskite Nanocrystals
L. Chouhan, S. Ghimire, V. Biju
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 4875-4879 (Hot article, Featured on the cover).

Stark Effect and Environment Induced Modulation of Emission in Single Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
K. Sharma, S. Hirata, V. Biju, M. Vacha
ACS Nano 2019, 13, 624–632.

Mixed-halide Perovskite Synthesis by Chemical Reaction and Crystal Nucleation under an Optical Potential
J. Islam, K. Yuyama, K. Takahashi, T. Nakamura, K. Konishi, V. Biju
NPG Asia Materials 2019, 11, 31.

Photoinduced Photoluminescence Enhancement in Self-Assembled Clusters of Formamidinium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals
S. Ghimire, V. C. Nair, C. Muthu, K. Yuyama, M. Vacha, V. Biju
Nanoscale 2019, 11, 9335-9340 (Featured on the cover).

Amplified and Multicolor Emission from Films and Interfacial Layers of Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
S. Ghimire, L. Chouhan, Y. Takano, K. Takahashi, T. Nakamura, K. Yuyama, V. Biju
ACS Energy Lett. 2019, 4, 133–141.

Blinking Suppression in Highly Excited CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots by Electron Transfer under Large Positive Gibbs (Free) Energy Change
E. M. Thomas, S. Ghimire, R. Kohara, A. N. Anil, K. Yuyama, Y. Takano, K. G. Thomas, V. Biju
ACS Nano 2018, 12, 9060-9069.

Excitons and Biexciton Dynamics in Single CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots
B. Li, H. Huang, G. F. Zhang, C. G. Yang, W. L. Guo, R. Y. Chen, C. B. Qin, Y. Gao, V. Biju, A. L. Rogach, L. T. Xiao, S. T. Jia
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2018, 9, 6934-6940.

Relations of exciton dynamics in quantum dots to photoluminescence, lasing, and energy harvesting
S. Ghimire, V. Biju
J. Photochem. Photobiol. C. 2018, 34, 137-151 (Featured on the cover)

Quantum dot–polymer conjugates for stable luminescent displays
S Ghimire, A Sivadas, K Yuyama, Y Takano, R Francis, V Biju
Nanoscale 2018, 10, 13368-13374 (Featured on the cover).

Crystallization of Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskites by Optical Trapping
K. Yuyama, M. J. Islam, K. Takahashi, T. Nakamura, V. Biju
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 13424-13428 (Hot article, Frontispiece article).

Preface for special issue on photosynergetics
V. Biju, T. Mori, T. Asahi, H. Miyasaka
J. Photochem. Photobiol. C: Photochem. Rev. 2018, 34, 1.

Optical control of mitochondrial reductive reactions in living cells using an electron donor-acceptor linked molecule
Y. Takano, R. Munechika, V. Biju, H. Harashima, H. Imahori, Y. Yamada
Nanoscale 2017, 9, 18690-18698.

Channeling exciton migration into electron transfer in formamidinium lead bromide perovskite nanocrystal/fullerene composites
V. C. Nair, C. Muthu, A. L. Rogach, R. Kohara, V. Biju,
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 1214-1218 (Hot article, Frontispiece article).

Single-particle spectroscopy of I–III–VI semiconductor nanocrystals: spectral diffusion and suppression of blinking by two-color excitation
D. K. Sharma, S. Hirata, L. Bujak, V. Biju, T. Kameyama, M. Kishi, T. Torimoto, M. Vacha
Nanoscale 2016, 8, 13687-13694.

Nanoparticles speckled by ready-to-conjugate lanthanide complexes for multimodal imaging
V. Biju, M. Hamada, K. Ono, S. Sugino, T. Ohnishi, E. S. Shibu, S. Yamamura, M. Sawada, S. Nakanishi, Y. Shigeri, S. Wakida
Nanoscale 2015, 7, 148-29-14837 (Featured on the cover).

Auger ionization beats photo-oxidation of semiconductor quantum dots: Extended stability of single-molecule photoluminescence
S. Yamashita, M. Hamada, S. Nakanishi, H. Saito, Y. Nosaka, S. Wakida, V. Biju
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 3892-3896 (Frontispiece article).

Chemical modifications and bioconjugate reactions of nanomaterials for sensing, imaging, drug delivery, and therapy
V. Biju
Chem. Soc. Rev. 2014, 43, 744-764 (Featured on the cover).

Photoluminescence of CdSe and CdSe/ZnS quantum dots: Modifications for making the invisible visible at the ensemble and single-molecule levels
E. Shibu, M. Hamada, S. Nakanishi, S. Wakida, V. Biju
Coord. Chem. Rev. 2014, 263, 2-12.

Singlet-oxygen-sensitizing near-infrared-fluorescent multimodal nanoparticles
E. Shibu, S. Sugino, K. Ono, H. Saito, S. Yamamura, M. Sawada, Y. Nosaka, V. Biju
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 10559-10563.

Photouncaging nanoparticles for MRI and fluorescence imaging in vitro and in vivo
E. Shibu, K. Ono, S. Sugino, A. Nishioka, A. Yasuda, Y. Shigeri, S. Wakida, M. Sawada, V. Biju
ACS Nano 2013, 7, 9851-9859.

Impairments of cells and genomic DNA by environmentally transformed engineered nanomaterials
P. Jones, S. Sugino, S. Yamamura, F. Lacy, V. Biju
Nanoscale 2013, 5, 9511-9516 (Featured on the cover).

Nanomaterials formulations for photothermal and photodynamic therapy of cancer
E. Shibu, M. Hamada, N. Murase, V. Biju
J. Photochem. Photobiol. C: Photochem. Rev. 2013, 15, 53-72.

FRET from quantum dots to photodecompose undesired acceptors and report the condensation and decondensation of plasmid DNA
V. Biju, A. Anas, H. Akita, E. S. Shibu, T. Itoh, H. Harashima, M. Ishikawa
ACS Nano 2012, 6, 3776-3788.

Fullerene-shelled quantum dots supramolecular nanoparticles for solar energy harvesting
E. Shibu, A. Sonoda, W. Tao, Q. Feng, A. Furube, S. Masuo, L. Wang, N. Tamai, M. Ishikawa, V. Biju
ACS Nano 2012, 6, 1601-1608.

Quantitative analysis of condensation/decondensation status of pDNA in the nuclear sub-domains by QD-FRET
S. M. Shaheen, H. Akita, A. Yamashita, R. Katoono, N. Yui, V. Biju, M. Ishikawa, H. Harashima
Nucl. Acid. Res. 2011, 39, E48-U108.

Delivering quantum dots to cells: bioconjugated quantum dots for targeted and nonspecific extracellular and intracellular imaging
V. Biju, T. Itoh, M. Ishikawa
Chem. Soc. Rev. 2010, 39, 3031-3056.

Blinking suppression in CdSe/ZnS single quantum dots by TiO2 nanoparticles
M. Hamada, S. Nakanishi, T. Itoh, M. Ishikawa, V. Biju
ACS Nano 2010, 4, 4445-4454.

Bioconjugated quantum dots for cancer research: Present status, prospects, and remaining issues
V. Biju, S. Mundayoor, A. Anas, M. Ishikawa
Biotechnol. Adv. 2009, 28, 199-213.

Clathrin-mediated endocytosis of quantum dot−peptide conjugates in living cells
A. Anas, T. Okuda, N. Kawashima, K. Nakayama, T. Itoh, M. Ishikawa, V. Biju
ACS Nano 2009, 3, 2419-2429.

Intermittent single-molecule interfacial electron transfer dynamics
V. Biju, M. Micic, D. Hu, H. P. Lu
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 9374-9381.

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Honors & Awards

23rd Hiraga Gen-nai Award, Ozaki Foundation, Japan (2015)

Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (2011~)

Japanese Photochemistry Association Award for Young Scientist (2011)

Lectureship Prize by the Chemical Society of Japan (2011)

Distinguished Lectureship Award by the Chemical Society of Japan (2010)

Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Award for Young Scientists (2010)

14th Hiraga Gen-nai Prize, Ozaki Foundation, Japan (2007)

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan (2002)

Junior (JRF-NET, 1995) and Senior (1997) Research Fellowships, India

Thomas foundation top merit awards, CFHS, Kottiyam, India (1987, 1988)